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Shrill To End With Upcoming Season 3 on Hulu

Shrill is gearing up for its third and final season. 

Annie (Aidy Bryant) will be wrapping up her story when the Hulu comedy comes back this spring, but if the vibes at the end of the season two finale were any indication, she’s in for some great things. 

When last we saw the somewhat humiliated Annie, she had dumped her boyfriend Ryan (Luka Jones) after he spilled the beans about their workplace hookup. Now, she’s free to date someone else, like, for instance, Lamar (Akemnji Ndifornyen). There’s at least got to be somebody better for her to end up with than Ryan

Bryant, who co-created the series with Alexandra Rushfield and author Lindy West, spoke about the end of the series in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

Shrill has been one of the most creatively satisfying experiences of my life, a true labor of love for me and everyone who worked so hard on it,” Bryant said Wednesday. “We are incredibly proud of this upcoming third and final season and are so grateful to the audience who connected with this story. I am deeply honored to have worked so closely with the writers, cast and crew to make Shrill while continuing my work at SNL, it is a time I will never forget. I have endless love for our crew in Portland and I am excited to get back to NY and rejoin my other work family at SNL in the meantime.”

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