Australia news live: Reynolds warns of war risk and faces fresh questions over Higgins case

Defence minister to tell press club there is an increased risk of war in Indo-Pacific region. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

9.33pm GMT

Anyways, Matt Canavan is asked by the ABC about Craig Kelly and Barnaby Joyce’s desire to have him join the Nationals (Joyce is not the leader, but has taken the lead on this, because Joyce would give him a number in the leadership battle, and it’s a warning shot to Michael McCormack)


This game is ruthless and all about the numbers and I would love to see the interests we push as the National Party with more numbers.

I love Craig, he’s a good bloke, but, firstly the ball is in his court.

9.27pm GMT

Matt Canavan has picked up Barnaby Joyce’s ‘BUT WHAT ABOUT THE DEBT’ narrative and is absolutely running gang busters with it as the excuse for why we can’t pay unemployed people a somewhat liveable wage.

Which is surprising for a trained economist who knows better than to think a country’s budget is the same as a household’s, but hey – whatever works for the politics right?

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